sounds (2023 and ongoing): monthly internet radio show, featuring selections of ambient, alternative, experimental and percussive music (most recent episode)

mirrored heart (2022 and ongoing): improvisations with hills, a script for norns
QUALIA (2022): collaborative compositions with Zander Raymond, recorded at monome in rural NY
Ambient Vault - Episode 30 (2021): demos of explorations which informed the process for phylum
phylum (2019): collected recordings from testing less concepts, cranes and cheat codes
nested (2019): improvisations with less concepts and an STS Serge Animal at the Vintage Synth Museum's Oakland, CA location
less concepts (2018): experiments with cellular automata, modular synths, and Max programming


^^ deep tissue at CETI (March 31 2023): live performance alongside Francisco Botello, Jonathan Snyder, and Zack Scholl

live @ luck dragon w/ jonathan snyder (220924)
cached season 2 showcase 2022
flash crash 210904
first light: norns study 0 livestream
open space (4/12/2020): cheat codes improvisation
various norns tutorials + demos on vimeo
music hackspace courses for cheat codes 2: getting started + going further


SOUND + PROCESS, a lines podcast (2016 and ongoing): discussions with artists from
Art + Music + Technology (2019): a conversation with Darwin Grosse, whose generosity and care for artists was + remains unmatched

writing for Cycling '74:
An Interview with Cy X, Multimedia Cyber Witch
An Interview with jr: Smartphones and Beyond
Algorithms in Motion: Elementary Cellular Automata in Max and Max for Live
An Interview with Sarah Belle Reid
Max for Live Devices: The Tools At Your Fingertips
The Max for Live Resource Kit


cheat codes 2: a sample playground (norns)
cranes: stereo varispeed looper / delay / timeline-smoosher (norns)
less concepts: 1d cellular automata sequencer (norns)
less concepts: 1d cellular automata sequencer (max for live)



Apr 14 2023 - Basic Synthesis @ luck dragon
Apr 1 + 2 2023 - habitus @ CETI
Mar 29 2023 - Hardware and Software Synthesis: Shaping Sound for Total Beginners @ CETI
Nov 18 + Dec 2 2022 - Coding Musical Patterns w/ Tidal Cycles @ luck dragon
Oct 11 2022 - Basic Synthesis @ luck dragon
Sept 24 + 25 2022 - habitus @ luck dragon


Mar 31 2023 - deep tissue @ CETI w/ Francisco Botello, Jonathan Snyder, and Zack Scholl
Feb 11 2023 - Glockabelle's LoveFest @ BUSHEL w/ Yuka C. Honda, Glockabelle & [DJ] Marcus
Sept 24 2022 - w/ Jonathan Snyder @ luck dragon


eulogy for my grandfather
a fundraiser for my half-sister
open tabs

updated 05/27/23